EMA and MEPs put on notice for crimes against humanity

All the Goss

Let there be no mistake. What is happening today, before our very eyes, is what happened with human medical experiments during the Second World War. These experiments were without informed consent. Many prisoners were vaccinated with experimental drugs.

After the war, when camps like Dachau were liberated, the survivors were able to identify their persecutors. Some of those rescued are alive today. And today they are fully supportive of Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) in the accusations levelled, not just at the pharmaceutical profiteers and the regulatory authorities under their control, but at parliamentarians who sanction the ongoing global experiment without so much as a word against it.

Let there be no mistake. The emergency acts which were introduced even though there never was an emergency, are going to be useless when the rule of parliament and the rule of law returns. Then those who wittingly allowed these experiments to…

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Australia – on the brink of total fascism

All the Goss

Right now the Australian people are being cruelly subjugated due to the fake pandemic. The police there have been given extraordinary powers beyond what would be considered rational. These measures can be implemented without police officers having to reveal their identity.

When the police are given total freedom to impose injustices on a compliant population for a pandemic that never was it reeks of totalitarianism, and is the modern-day equivalent of Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. Powers the Australian police have been given include:

  • forcible entry into buildings
  • preventing people from moving about
  • quarantining people
  • making people take tests and undergo medical treatment
  • compelling people to give information

While the Australian government releases death statistics (allegedly from Covid) on a day-to-day basis it only releases vaccine-related deaths that are at least 90 days old. Thus we know that from the 6 days 18-23 August there were…

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Lies in the skies

All the Goss

On Tuesday 27 July a Chinook was spotted circling round South Birmingham. The next day we got skies you can hardly believe, together with thunder, lightning, rain, hail and swirling winds. Coincidence? Possible. That the US can change the weather, and has been doing for years , denying everything until 2015 when they came clean, is indisputable. But they still blame climate change on you and me.

One of the most pollutive cell-towers in the South Birmingham area is the mast at Highters Heath placed right alongside two schools and a community centre. I predict thar the children at the schools will be dead by the time they are twenty if the mast continues to emit such strong electro-magnetic fields. My suspicion is that this mast is being used in conjunction with other technologies to create the unnatural skies and non-summer weather we saw on the 28 July.


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More on the Doctors’ Symposium

All the Goss

Further to yesterday’s post the link to UK Column for tomorrow and Friday’s Doctors for Covid Ethics two-day session is here:


These are the doctors and other experts who are not allowed a voice on mainstream media. Their individual specialist testimonies are the expert opinions being denied you by those producing the nightmare pantomime we are living through.

This is the first major challenge of its kind and a unique opportunity to learn what is really happening. Forget about the Olympics. Pull up a comfortable chair. Put on your earphones. Or better still, get the whole family to listen in. What is happening affects us all.

Don’t miss it!

Presented by Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UK Column

From 17.00 – 22.00 on Thurs 29th and Fri 30th

23 speakers over 2 daysThe full pdf of speakers and agenda is here. Use the scroll bar to the…

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Save the children – not the charity

All the Goss

If ever a charity was needed to protect children from vaccination against Covid-19 it is now. Save the Children is not fit for purpose in this respect. Indeed its whole ethos is one of jab, jab, jab.

This is despite the fact that children rarely if ever suffer from COVID-19. They certainly do not die from it. They die from the vaccines though as families of these two babies learnt. In the US at least 12 children have already died from the vaccine including 3 babies, and child vaccination has not started in earnest.

As if the indignities chilldren have suffered from not being able to mix with their friends, being forced to wear masks, and lockdown nonsense from school closures, are not bad enough, measures to have them vaccinated are nothing short of criminal.

UKColumn meets Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE)

A consortium of international specialists: doctors, scientists…

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Timpsila, Medicine for Tech-No-Logic

Wrench in the Gears

John Trudell, Native American activist and poet, spoke prophetically of a predator energy that mines the “being part of humans.” He called it tech-no-logic. Every January since the early 1970s, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) power brokers have assembled in Davos to plot out the next steps of their planned tech-no-logic coup. We’ve now reached a tipping point with the introduction of “stakeholder capitalism.” It is a vast program of poverty mining meant to transform the masses into human capital data commodities for financial speculation and ubiquitous surveillance. This emerging investment sector runs on poverty and trauma, two things the response to Covid-19 has manufactured in abundance.

We are experiencing the lead up to WEF’s planned transhumanist future. Covid has paved the way for a reset meant to usher in their Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is a revolution in which artificial intelligence (AI)…

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COVID-19 – true or hoax?

All the Goss

I don’t know about you but I have been sceptical of the COVID-19 panic since day 1. Nothing that has happened since has changed my mind. Most of the MSM news is full of panic stories, stories aimed at locking people down and preventing social interaction. Ask yourself this simple question. How many people do you know who have COVID-19?

For me the answer is none. It is even less than none (joke) because I  do not know anyone who knows anyone who has been infected with COVID-19. Yet the news is full of them. They include high profile people like Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and others who have allegedly spent their time in isolation. Matt Hancock as soon as his confinement was over issued a statement to the effect that he was thinking of introducing certificates to those, like him presumably, who have had the virus. Others…

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An Open Letter to “The Left”

The Red Window

I am writing this letter to anyone who considers themselves as part of the left movement. Excuse my lack of salutation. I was going to address everyone with Dear Comrades; however, that only poses my first problem. I don’t know if comrades is even a fitting greeting anymore. I don’t even know where I fit in anymore.

I am almost 50 years old and since I was a young girl of about 12 years of age, through the words of the great Bob Hawke, I have felt a belonging and an affiliation with the labour movement. Through the greatness of Hawke and many other great Labor leaders, be they Prime Ministers, Party Leaders, Union Leaders, MPs or Senators, I have felt seen and understood by the labour movement. My whole life, regardless of paid membership, I have always identified as a member of Labor. Therefore, I have always considered myself…

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Choose! Or the Left May Die

via Choose! Or the Left May Die

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18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested Over the Last 6 Years

Friends of Syria

Reports from the Director-General of the Syrian Coroner’s Office affirm that thousands of Syrian children have had their organs harvested since 2011.

Turkish refugee camps on the border with Syria are identified as prime locations where organ harvesting has been, and is, occurring. Director-General Hossein Noufel recently made the disclosure though United Nation officials have not officially confirmed the findings.

“We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighbouring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria since 2011 to take out the body organs of 18,000 Syrians and sell them in the international black markets.” – Dr. Noufel

Previously, refugees have recounted horror stories about the dire situation inside some of the refugee camps, however the morbid practice is not limited to camps as there are claims organ harvesting is occurring in Urban centres as well.

Speaking to ARA…

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