Syria: 1930s thru 1960s (Slideshow)

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Before ISIS, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists and Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi mosques tried to destroy Syria, it was a secular, cosmopolitan and progressive country. Here is a slideshow of Syria from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and…

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The Power of Nightmares 1, 2 and 3


 This BBC documentary is continually removed from YouTube.  Watch it while you can.

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How We Were Misled About Syria: Channel 4 News

Tim Hayward

Difficulties faced news organisations attempting to cover events in the war in Syria, particularly in the eastern part of Aleppo when under siege. Western journalists had stopped even trying to enter that area for fear of being kidnapped, or worse, at the hands of one or other of the armed factions holding the area. International relief agencies and NGO’s were not to be found on the ground either, for the same reasons.

This is one of the two main problems for media coverage of Syria that Eva Bartlett highlighted at a UN press conference in November 2016 when talking about her first hand experience of conditions in Aleppo.[1] Asked by a journalist from a mainstream publication why she seemed to be challenging ‘all these absolutely documentable facts that we’ve seen from the ground’, she pointed out that he was referring to a hearsay narrative, not facts, because ‘sources…

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The QATAR ‘Diplomatic Crisis’: Understanding a Tangled Web of Pantomime/Hypocrisy…

the burning blogger of bedlam

It was difficult to work out exactly what is behind the ‘Qatar Diplomatic Crisis’ that seemed to suddenly emerge early in June.

The Qatar diplomatic crisis apparently began on 5th June when several countries – principally Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE – abruptly cut off diplomatic relations. This included trade and travel bans.

Subsequent to this, the Saudi-led group of governments has issued an ultimatum to Qatar in the form of a list of demands that the Gulf State will have to meet.

Why? On the surface of it, Saudi Arabia and the other countries have criticised Qatar for funding terrorist organisations. There has also been criticism of Qatar’s relations with Iran and criticism too of the Al-Jazeera broadcaster that is based in Qatar.

Donald Trump joined in, endorsing the isolation of Qatar and accusing it of being a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Bankers Attack: South Australia must stand firm on Bank Levy

Source: Bankers Attack: South Australia must stand firm on Bank Levy

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Bankers Attack: South Australia must stand firm on Bank Levy

The Glass Pyramid

This morning on Macrobusiness there was a call for the state governments across Australia to work together to support a Bank Levy that is distributed to the states and not Canberra.

“..The states should get band together urgently and apply a pro-rata levy right across the nation…”

This is the key.

This is really an issue of state self determination and fiscal independence.

We have a federal system of government and the constitution provides an important role for state governments and clear powers in relation to banking. Why shouldn’t the proceeds of a Bank Levy on the top 5 private banks be distributed between the states?

A Bank Levy on the big banks is good

Everyone (except the banks) agrees that a Bank Levy is appropriate so that the 5 large private banks are not getting the support of the full faith and credit of the Australian public for free…

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