How to talk to your Liberal Mate by Jean Sievers (unedited)

Frank not everyone spent their money throughout their lives, we didn’t borrow money, we are not paying anything off now, we made our sacrifices throughout our lives being sensible and bringing up our family, and if we sent money we spent it on them ie education, sport, generally doing everything in our power to help them to become well rounded individuals. We didn’t have much over to put away but when we did we put it in what we thought was a safe environment.
The people not paying tax firstly are the transnational companies who as we have seen lately refuse to have their finances examined and act as if they have lost their memories and say it’s their accountants that know about how their finances are arranged. This government even wants to protect their ‘right’ not to disclose the financial arrangements. Secondly there are those who have enormous amounts of money who don’t pay any tax due to having off shore bank accounts etc. The average Australian across the spectrum of income pay tax and only has a certain amount of latitude deciding on how they arrange their finances and in the big scheme of global finance they don’t have a lot to ‘play’ with. It’s a lie that the previous government spent up the deficit is much higher now than when Labor was in power. The ordinary people of this country and other countries are being robbed by the super rich, there has been a massive transfer of wealth to the rich from the average people and it’s getting worse. The aged pensioners of Australia and other groups in our society are being demonised, whist the real ‘crooks’ are getting away with ‘highway robbery’. I suggest you stop reading mainstream media, turn off the TV and do some research about the global financial mess we are in because of corrupt banking practices and the criminality of very powerful, global financial players.


About sand49

I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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