We cannot condone having a ‘concentration’ camp style detention centre on Nauru.

The refugee policy is a terrible injustice. The rest of the global community has the same issue being politicised and is experiencing a much worse situation than we are in Australia at present. The fact remains we can not be complicit in having a ‘concentration’ camp with children being sexually abused, and other horror unimaginable to ordinary Australians. Surely we can do better than we are at present. If might be a step in the right direction if the Australian government was more truthful to the Australian people about what is going on politically globally and our involvement. It makes me wonder who is actually running this country? Personally I think much of this is beyond local politics. Votong for the Greens, LNP, or Independents is not going to do much to change the situation for the better. It maybe slightly improved with a Labor government, I like to think so. The major issue in the world is the US trying to hang on to their political and economic control of the world and they don’t care who they destroy to achieve this gaol. They believe in American exeptionalism and everything they do is in their interests. You may wonder what this has got to do with refugees but when you think the US has 600 to 700 bases around the world, they are currently involved in several wars, proxy wars and other distablising exercises, all of this contributing to people fleeing from their own countries.


About sand49

I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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2 Responses to We cannot condone having a ‘concentration’ camp style detention centre on Nauru.

  1. I’ve been hesitating to call it a ‘concentration camp’; but it does describe it pretty aptly. The reports I’ve read are a horror story.

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