Austerity and what it means to the majority.

About 25% of the population earn enough not to be worried about the Abbott Government’s austerity policies.   The rest of the population is terrified.  If you are an aged pensioner, have health problems, are disabled mentally or physically, homeless, single parent, unemployed, in low paid work, are a student without parents who can afford to support you, aboriginal, and any disadvantaged, vulnerable group of people life is more precarious than ever.

You could ask are these austerity measures necessary, particularly when you see there always great amounts of money for war, CEO’s salaries, perks for the well off through negative gearing, tax breaks on superannuation.   There doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm by the government to chase down tax avoiders who seem to have made not making a fair contribution to the society they live in into an ‘art’ form.

Companies refuse to pay tax and when requested to reveal their financial arrangements their accountants say they forgot or produce some lame excuse not to reveal the details of the companies financial situation.  If an ordinary person did this they would be charged and go to gaol.  How many corrupt bankers have been charged after the so called GFC?  How many financial advisors have been charged in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank fiasco where many ordinary investors have lost most of their life savings?

The system we live in appears to be breaking down where the corrupt minority are becoming more powerful by the day.  This could not happen if part of our political leaders were not complicit in aiding and allowing this to happen.

It is obviously a global problem where wealthy people, the minority, want more power and control over the majority of the world’s population.  To achieve their goals they have come up with a neat plan called ‘war on terror’, continuous war, ignoring International Law, all of this being a direct attack on Democracy.  There is tight control over the media and what we get as an excuse for news is really propaganda.

What will it take to put a stop to this before out society loses too many of the structures built up over centuries to protect us from tyranny?  What can we do to stop the world sliding into a catastrophic world war just because of the greed and this power hungry minority?

What would happen if Australia had a government which governed our country in the interests of the Australian people?  What would happen if Australia was a sovereign country?  There are examples, globally, where countries have tried to be independent of the World Bank, IMF and the US.    Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, just to name a few.   There are only two countries which are so powerful that they cannot be bullied by outside forces and they are Russia and China at the moment.   Is it the fate of smaller countries to always have to fall in line with the interests of International foreign investors?  What sort of Democracy is this when we are controlled by an Imperialist power which only makes policies in it’s own interests?  Surely, there must come a time in Australia’s history when we say no to a super power when their policies are obviously not in the interests of our country and it’s people.

About sand49

I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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4 Responses to Austerity and what it means to the majority.

  1. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam says:

    It’s basically the same situation in the UK too; with the vulnerable being hit extremely hard by ‘austerity’, with the wealthy and the corporate classes coasting through the ‘crisis’ with ease. I call it nothing less than Social Cleansing. We’ve had a whole spate of actual suicides or deaths directly related to people having their welfare cut, including disability allowances. There have been actual cases of cancer patients having their benefits cut and being told they have to look for a job.

    Recently there was a blind, disabled Iraq War vet who committed suicide, leaving a note saying that basically he couldn’t afford to stay alive anymore. When election time came earlier this year, the news and TV coverage entirely omitted all reference to these cases (there were lots of these cases) and no politician or party had to answer for any of it. I’m getting the sense that it’s the same in Australia?

    • sand49 says:

      It’s getting worse the vulnerable being attacked on daily basis. The latest worry is our PM is now saying Australia is going to join the US bombing Syria.

      • The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam says:

        Seems to me that Australia simply tags along with whatever it is the US and UK do. It’s not just Australia – there’s a handful of European nations that do the same.

      • sand49 says:

        We have a dependence mentality it’s historical.

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