Why don’t people talk about Class Warfare?

People don’t talk about class anymore because over the past few decades society has been exposed to a massive propaganda campaign which has twisted people’s minds into identifying more with the interests of the mega rich rather than their own. When the elite call ordinary people scroungers many do not see this lie as applying to them. This is how class warfare works, they co opt some of the people from the group they want to control and or want to destroy.

The question would have to be asked why would our own governments be complicit in allowing this to happen?  Is our system of Democracy under attack?  What is the point of creating a world where all the rules developed over centuries to protect us from tyranny be destroyed? Who benefits from all this chaos and injustice? What is the end game?


About sand49

I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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