Russia enforcing International Law, the USA doesn’t quite grasp its meaning

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Russia Is the Last Champion of International Law

State sovereignty still matters to Russia; for the United States and its vassals – such as Germany – it is an anachronism

This article originally appeared at Compact Online. Translated from the German by Boris Jaruselski.

To all intents and purposes, the super summit in New York went by far too quickly. No wonder, when the customary “culturally welcome excesses” are beaming from the screens every evening. So it happens that images, which are deserving of attention, don’t get all that much exposure. Images like this came from New York and need to be further emphasized. The images of Russian President Putin are more accentuated when the American President is on the screen.

The difference couldn’t have been greater, even for the more and more ‘guided’ German media, it was impossible to hide how penitent President Obama appeared. His Russian counterpart…

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I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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