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Coming together as One!

Originally posted on لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?:
Social media connects people so easily, and divides them even more easily. Friday night people around the world sat stunned as they watched the horrific violence unfold in Paris. I sat on my bed in Cairo…

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The ‘Black Friday’ Horror in Paris: It May Have Been a Staged, False-Flag Operation…

Originally posted on the burning blogger of bedlam:
I actually hesitated to post this article. Because I hate having to sound like a broken record or like a member of the ‘everything’s a conspiracy’ club. In fact, at first I…

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Let’s deal with reality not false narratives: Susan Nevens quest blog.

I read this comment on social media and thought it was in need of a wider read.  I asked Susan if it was OK to post here and she gave her consent.  We are in need of some sane commentary … Continue reading

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