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I read this comment on social media and thought it was in need of a wider read.  I asked Susan if it was OK to post here and she gave her consent.  We are in need of some sane commentary on the awful events unfolding in Paris.  When I read this I thought ‘why can’t our politicians, media say something like this to the people instead of mouthing off propaganda and confused statements.  People are frightened and confused, especially the people living in France.  In this state it is hard to collect your thoughts and individuals are vulnerable to manipulation in their thinking and behaviour.  At times like this we need measured, thoughtful discussion so we don’t make volatile situations worse by heated and irresponsible commentary.

Susan Nevens

15 hrs · Edited ·

Yesterday I used the term “upside-down Pyramid” in reference to looking at the tragedy in Paris. The use of that notion was deliberate.

Friday the 13th tragedy in Paris could be likened to September 11 tragedy in the US 14 years ago. In case of 9/11 we looked at the Pyramid right side up, in our effort to find answers for the plausible, we started from the base of Pyramid and tried to collect as much facts as we could in an effort to answer only one question at the pinnacle; “who’d done it?”

I’ve always felt that we were distracted by virtue of our limited curiosity, posing but one question and trying to find one answer. I sometimes felt that we were being deliberately distracted and made to go on tangent. As valid and as rational as they were, all the evidence, scientific and otherwise would never be conclusive. The answer in case of September 11, was always there, even before the last remnants of underground fires finally subsided 3 months later!

Had our questions be along the line of;

~ Who benefited from the 9/11 tragedy?
~ How did this tragedy affect the path of global politics and/or American politics?
~ Did 9/11 tragedy affected any of US policies through which the lives of us as Americans directly and indirectly changed forever? Think about our civil liberties.
~ What did we lose as Americans, besides the 3 buildings and nearly 3000 of our citizens?
~ How did our raw emotions, our fears, our imposed insecurities catapult us as a nation to a totally new political path?
~ Why were our fears color coded, why were we told that “they hate us for our freedom”, why were we told “we have to fight ’em over there so we don’t have to fight ’em over here”?
~ Who benefited from an “open ended war on terrorism” which was immediately declared and waged upon a faceless and a state-less enemy which incidentally has been ongoing for the last 14 years?”
~ Who benefited from our color coded fears? The Security apparatus, our militarized law enforcement?!
~ Who benefited and/or continues to benefit from this perpetual never ending ‘war on terror’? The Department of Defense, Pentagon, the Military Industrial Complex!?

You see my friends, only if we had ask the right questions, whose answers did not need scientists, Structural and Civil Engineers, Physicists, Mechanical Engineers, Thermodynamic experts, nor would be a need for 1500 page nonsensical report put together by the so called 9/11 Truth Commission.

We were fixated on one question; “who’d done it?” and “they” tried to show us the evidence, alas by the most diabolic means, by finding an intact passport belonging to one of the hijackers found miraculously among the pulverized rubble where everything else were turned to dust particles. Interesting enough I have heard that one of the dead assailant of Paris attack had a Syrian passport lying next to him, how utterly convenient!

So I am asking that let us not be fixated on “who’d done it” this time around. It matters not whether they were “inspired” ISIS terrorists or “directed” ISIS terrorists. We already have realized that the official story does not add up, as always there are more holes in this story than it is in my kitchen colander, so let us not hypothesize, the truth is that we would most likely never know conclusively.

Thus, let us turn this Pyramid upside down, let us not be distracted by “who’d done it” question, let us keep our eyes open and our ears perked and not fall again for the false narrative of Islamophobia, Xenophobia, and look at this from various angles. What will result from this tragedy? Who would benefit? How would French government respond?

Remember in case of 9/11 the US government responded very irresponsibly, even after it was learned that 16 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis or at least held Saudi Arabian passports, we had occupied and invaded Iraq instead, KSA did not even get a slap on the hand.

Only what happens from this moment on will tell us without a shadow of the doubt if it was necessary for 130 innocent French civilians to be sacrificed by some masked men shouting Allah o Akbar (God is Great).

Anything else would be presupposition and hearsay, we can’t be sure of anything else, except the reaction of French government as well as any other European governments whom for the most part haven’t missed a chance to tell their citizens that it could have been them!

The Paris event is so very significantly important, it could very well be a turning point for many of European countries (NATO members), the so called “coalition of willing”, this could very well be a dangerous chapter.


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I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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