USA-Led ‘Coalition’, Including the UK, Has No International Legal Basis For Airstrikes in Syria

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US-Led ‘Coalition’ Has No International Legal Basis For Airstrikes in Syria

Are the US-led ‘Coalition’ airstrikes in Syria actually legal under international law?

Theo Farrell of Kings College London is one of many mainline academics who doesn’t think so. Understand that under the current UK political climate (looking more and more like a single party state), even for a liberal academic to question military action may not be as popular as it once was. Still, he asks:

Most western observers would accept that America is right to use military force against this hideous non-state armed group, which has committed war crimes on a mass scale, displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, and plunged the region into crisis. But is it legal to do so?

If today’s western leaders understood history, then they would know that when the harsh lessons of Nuremberg go unheeded, and undeclared wars of…

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