Lies in the skies

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On Tuesday 27 July a Chinook was spotted circling round South Birmingham. The next day we got skies you can hardly believe, together with thunder, lightning, rain, hail and swirling winds. Coincidence? Possible. That the US can change the weather, and has been doing for years , denying everything until 2015 when they came clean, is indisputable. But they still blame climate change on you and me.

One of the most pollutive cell-towers in the South Birmingham area is the mast at Highters Heath placed right alongside two schools and a community centre. I predict thar the children at the schools will be dead by the time they are twenty if the mast continues to emit such strong electro-magnetic fields. My suspicion is that this mast is being used in conjunction with other technologies to create the unnatural skies and non-summer weather we saw on the 28 July.


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I am a retired teacher who is interested in human rights, social justice, freedom of expression, and believe it is absolutely essential to have a free press for a fully functioning democracy.
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