Statement from Chelsea Manning’s Welsh-Irish Family – 14 May 2017

WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

Press Release

The Welsh-Irish family of military whistleblower Chelsea Manning has issued the following statement prior to Chelsea’s release from Fort Leavenworth due to take place on 17 May after seven years imprisonment.

Chelsea has endured seven years loss of liberty for her whistleblowing actions while those whose wrongdoing she exposed have gone unpunished. The shocking and abusive ill-treatment Chelsea was subjected to in Kuwait and Quantico before the trial should never have happened and the 35 year sentence handed down by the military court was a travesty of justice. We are naturally very relieved that this ordeal will soon be over for Chelsea and that she will be able to take up her place in society again. Whatever she decides to do, we are sure she will make a significant and positive contribution.

Chelsea’s mother Susan Manning said:

“I am so proud of Chelsea and delighted she will finally…

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Is the US Preparing for a Nuclear Strike – Or For a WMD False-Flag…?

the burning blogger of bedlam

With all the current talk and bluster concerning North Korea, nuclear weapons and possible war, the arrival of a massive drill/exercise in the US has excited the interest of a number of conspiracy theorists.

From April 18th right through to May 5th, a ‘major nuclear detonation drill’ has been widely reported, taking place in the New York/New Jersey area and apparently involving a number of federal, state and local organisations. Called ‘Operation Gotham Shield’, the exercise is said to involve 4 nuclear devices and is presented as a preparation/simulation of a nuclear incident.

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The Case Against Asma al-Assad: A Darker Motive Behind Calls for Her Citizenship to be Revoked…?

the burning blogger of bedlam

I posted up an old video of Asma al-Assad last week, because I thought her sentiments in the recording really resonated with what has been going on in Syria and the Middle East in recent years.

I didn’t know, however, that a couple of days later the UK newspapers would feature sudden articles calling for the British-born Syrian First Lady to be punished for her marriage to Syria’s President and her contradictions of the Western narratives on the Syrian crisis.

The manner in which most of the newspapers appear to have covered this story presents an incredibly one-sided picture, some even asking whether Asma al-Assad should be considered a ‘War Criminal’. Some of this is almost comically misguided in terms of the language used; but there is a more serious, worrying aspect to this story, which I will come to at the end.

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George Soros: Anti -Syria Campaign Impresario.

Source: George Soros: Anti -Syria Campaign Impresario.

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Asma al-Assad: A Prophetic Message from Syria…

the burning blogger of bedlam

I came across this old footage of Syria’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad, and found the content of her talk here striking: and also somewhat poignant, given when it was made and what has happened since.

Given the current situation and escalating tensions, I thought this was well worth sharing. In this talk, from way back in 2008, London-born Asma al-Assad (or ‘Emma’ from Acton) is addressing an international charity and talking about Syria in particular and the Middle East in general and her experiences.

In doing so, she touches on the popular international misconceptions about the region, as well as refugees, and the right of the Syrian people to live in peace and with dignity.

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Syria/Idlib Chemical Attack Analysis: A ‘Theater of the Macabre’…

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Unsurprisingly, more or less every image of the sarin attack victims being circulated in international media seems to have involved the infamous White Helmets or bears their logo.

However many Nobel Peace Prizes they might get nominated for or however many Oscars they win, the White Helmets (funded by the US, UK and France) has already been extensively discredited and is a fake media/false-flag operation in the form of a Hollywood-ised NGO and embedded with Al-Qaeda and other jihadists in Syria (see here, or go straight to Vanessa Beeley’s work).

It should be enough that the White Helmets have previously been caught with Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and other extremist militias and have also been caught on numerous occasions faking videos or images to provoke Western powers into attacking the Syrian government: but the fact that CNN and various media outlets, along with various Western officials, have once again based…

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Mass Psychological Warfare, From Orlando to London: The Terror Psy-Opera Continues…

An indepth appraisal of the dynamics of the recurring incidents which are blown out of proportion by the media and governments. These events serve the interests of the power brokers and keep the population in a state of constant fear. Highly recommend reading

the burning blogger of bedlam

As the days have gone on, it has seemed increasingly like the Westminster attack of 22/3 was probably a state-organised false-flag.

I had thought that anyway, but had initially been a little more reticent in stating it outright. But, one week on, I want to draw a line under the subject and move on.

If this was a staged op, then the Westminster simply takes it place in a long line of staged false-flag ops that seem to have increased in frequency in the last two or three years.Charlie Hebdo, Paris (see here and here), Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Berlin, now London: if we acknowledge the false-flag element to these operations, then we have to continually ask ourselves why these things are being done.

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